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Enabled by small cell technology; Opencell is the first legal, multi-operator, indoor mobile signal solution provider in the UK. Working with all four UK network operators we deploy space-saving, bespoke, managed signal solutions, ensuring that everyone indoors has network.

Established in 2015, we’re already working with many of the UK’s leading hospitality and co-working businesses because we specialise in providing multi-operator signal solutions anywhere that people work and play.

Our 24/7 remote monitoring platform and specialist engineering team ensure that, if you have an Opencell solution, any signal issues are resolved within 48 hours.

As of 2017 we are helping to roll out 3G/4G solutions: the same military grade secure connections as before, but at even faster speeds.

Join the growing number of businesses and private home owners putting mobile connectivity first for their employees and tenants.

With Opencell: you’ve got network

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Opencell testimonials - EE logo

“At EE we want our customers to have excellent connectivity wherever they are. Opencell demonstrate an excellent design, build and operational capability, which is vital for us when deploying our network connectivity into buildings.”

Tom Bennett

Director, Technology Services, Devices and Labs, EE & BT

Opencell testimonials - Telefonica logo

“Telefonica embraces new technology and innovation and love the solution brought by Opencell, we are looking forward to further developments in small cells and are sure these will play a vital role in our future network development.”

Brendan O’Reilly

CTO Telefonica UK

Opencell tetimonials - Vodafone logo

“Vodafone have been working with Opencell since 2015 with excellent results. Small cells are a key part of our strategy going forwards and we encourage innovations like this, it is fantastic to see a business open up a new route to market and service in our industry”

Kye Prigg

Head of Mobile Networks, Vodafone UK

Opencell testimonials - Three logo

“Our goal is to eliminate mobile blackspots. We have chosen to partner with Opencell to provide deep indoor coverage into buildings, enabling our customers to make calls in places they have not been able to do historically.”

Bryn Jones

CTO Three UK


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