We provide an independently Managed Service in partnership with all operators connecting directly to the operators networks

We provide small cells, as an in-building solution to enterprises requiring better mobile phone signal.

Small cells support a multi provider solution, so all networks signals are improved for the enterprises and are open to all end users of the operators networks.

We provide Service Level Agreements for enterprise customers.

Opencell - a typical office installation

Typical office installation

All Enterprise cells support Power over Ethernet (single cable) enabling:

  1. Remote installation up to 100m from the source of power and Internet backhaul
  2. Use of existing Cat5e cabling
  3. Medium to high capacity and power options available

Our solution

We will install the FemtoCell equipment in the building with coverage issues.

We will provide a high capacity backhaul internet connection and integrate the service to each Mobile Operators Small Cell Gateway.

Opencell solution installation diagram